Episode 23: What’s Ahead For Season 2!

Black and White photo of Holli and Casey holding cups of coffee facing each other.
Hosts Holli and Casey Margell

Episode 23: What's Ahead For Season 2! Career Spotlight

Preparing for Season Two of the Career Spotlight Podcast, Casey and Holli talk candidly about what they learned from Season One.

This peek behind the production of the podcast shares their hopes and ambition for it to become more than simply a collection of interviews.
Casey shares the desire to help it grow into something more. And Holli reflects on how it seems to be getting started naturally. Listen on to see how their intentions and hopes grow through Season Two!

Show Notes:
You can find the Career Spotlight Podcast online through this website.
The past show guests discussed in order are:
Episode 8: Getting Rich Slowly with Len and Cindy
Episode 11: Building a Bookkeeping Business with Oghale Agbro
Episode 18: From Marketing to Heart Centered Coaching with Erin MacCoy

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