Episode 11: Building A Bookkeeping Business!

Oghale Agbro of AOA Bookkeeping

Episode 11: Building A Bookkeeping Business! Career Spotlight

Oghale Agbro’s story is inspiring from her early desire to work to discovering her drive to start AOA Bookkeeping. This episode is extra special because it launches on her business 6th year anniversary!

While a close loss convinced Oghale to leave her job at a large company where her effort and hard work weren’t fully supported, she didn’t discover her business focus right away. As a Nigerian-American woman, she first wanted to honor her mother’s work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Her experience and desire to be authentic inspired her to focus on bookkeeping instead.

We explore how her past jobs come together to help her grow her business today. Add customer service, a desire to learn and research, all combined with a recognition of the potential for cloud based accounting and then becoming licensed, she’s prepared to thrive. We learn how she keeps her business moving forward and where she is working to grow.



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