Episode 22: Seattle Bus Driver By Night Fuels Creative By Day

Guest: Nathan Vass

Episode 22: Seattle Bus Driver By Night Fuels Creative By Day Career Spotlight

Nathan Vass is a multifaceted creative: filmmaker, photographer, and author by day, and a Metro bus driver by night! In this episode, we explored his past jobs and career trajectory to find him where he is today.  Our casual conversation format brings out some fascinating details and we are so inspired by his journey.

Nathan’s community-building work has been showcased on TED, NPR, The Seattle Times, KING5 and more, landing him a spot on Seattle Magazine’s 2018 list of the 35 Most Influential People in Seattle, and Seattle Met’s 2021 Power Players list. A Korean-American born in South Central LA, Nathan’s family relocated to the Seattle area where he grew up. His education and career journeys reflect a strong affinity to respecting his values and trusting his creative curiosity.

His work has been featured in the Seattle Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, and more, with 40 photography shows and 9 films including the award-winning festival favorite, “Men I Trust.” His book, “The Lines That Make Us,” is a Seattle bestseller and 2019 Washington State Book Award Finalist in Non-Fiction.

Learn more about Nathan and his book:
Website: www.nathanvass.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-vass-a29a7133/

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