Episode 8: Getting Rich Slowly

Len and Cindy Smith

Episode 8: Getting Rich Slowly Career Spotlight

Cindy Smith was an American Military brat who was sure she’d settle down in one spot, and never enter the life she grew up within as a generational military kid. A continent between her and her family later, and she found her people back in the Army!

Thanks to that draw, she met her battle buddy for life, Len. Together they served in the Army until she decided to focus on a new path and explore Real Estate. In our candid conversation, they share how Len’s been her most challenging client and biggest supporter. And, we explore how their experience in the military helps them succeed in civilian life. Together they live outside Austin, Texas with their twin Border Collies. They enjoy helping others build wealth slowly through investing in real estate.

Connect with Cindy Smith online:

Socius Real Estate website: https://sociusaustin.com/agents/cindy-smith/

Linked In: linkedin.com/in/cindy-smith-56521922

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