Episode 24: Social Worker Becomes CEO for Cultural Change

Color headshot portrait of Podcast Guest, Margie Haywood, CEO of Work and Play Lounge in Seattle.

Episode 24: Social Worker Becomes CEO for Cultural Change Career Spotlight

Margie Haywood wears many titles as a powerhouse of positive change in the community. With a background as a social worker, her passion and direction were shaped by early experiences as a child. Today she serves the community as a Public Speaker, DEI Consultant, Advocate, Trainer, Activist and CEO of Work and Play Lounge. 

Working in the corporate world, her vision for changing culture took shape during a tragic experience for her family. The kind that makes you question answering all those emails or attending another meeting.

Our conversation about her career path shares her journey to becoming the creator, Owner & CEO of Work and Play Lounge. Located in West Seattle, it provides space for all small business people to work where they can bring their children alongside them, and to find support and community. A space that Margie wished was available to her and her family when she dreamed of this business and future. Her journey to start this business is still an adventure! 

Margie shares with us the very real obstacles that face a small business today, post-pandemic. Her story is raw, real and infused with hope and optimism that keeps her moving forward. She shared the reality of needing help to keep it alive.

Learn more about Margie Haywood, and how to support Work and Play Lounge:

Save Work and Play Lounge: Gofundme Link 

Work and Play Lounge website: www.workandplaylounge.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margiehaywood/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margiehaywood/

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