Episode 12: Guest Interviews Casey and Holli

Career Spotlight Podcast Episode 12 graphic title with a photo of Casey and Holli.
Holli and Casey Margell

Episode 12: Guest Interviews Casey and Holli Career Spotlight

This special episode of the Career Spotlight Podcast finds Casey and Holli in the hot seat as their daughter, Iris, hosts as guest interviewer! She asks some really thoughtful questions that sparks reflection and inspires intention as they move forward. 

From a desire to include a broader variety of guests to how the process of running a podcast goes, this unscripted interview is an opportunity to share more about the experience for Holli and Casey. There are lessons shared, and vision spoken for where they plan to grow. It’s a fun, honest interview to mark the halfway point in their first season.

To learn more, and check out the details of past episodes, visit the website: https://careerspotlightpodcast.com/

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