Episode 10: From Burgers to Business Owner!

Bill Ibsen of The Ibsen Company

Episode 10: From Burgers to Business Owner! Career Spotlight

When Bill Ibsen first started working at 14-years-old, he found it gratifying to show his family he was really a good worker. He’s worked off and on for years supporting his Grandfather and Father’s Business, the Ibsen Company. 

Started as a fun way to enjoy watersports with skis, the company grew into serving the more practical side of water sports, boats! With the Norscot Shaft seal being their unique product. Bill shares his journey with us from various roles in customer services and purchasing, and then choosing to take on the family business. And, yes, he even explains to us what a shaft seal is and the cool story behind its invention.

As a 3rd generation family run business, there are unique challenges and benefits that show up under these circumstances. What’s really fascinating is hearing Bill’s journey and how his past jobs and career experiences shape his vision for the company today.

Website: https://www.ibsenco.com/
Norscot Shaft Seal – www.norscotshaftseal.com
Bill’s Music – www.billibsendrummer.com

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