Episode 13: Lifelong Student Starts Podcast Business!

Career Spotlight Podcast Episode image including a black and white photo of Shannon Perry.
Guest: Shannon Perry

Episode 13: Lifelong Student Starts Podcast Business! Career Spotlight

Shannon Perry is a lifelong student who finds herself getting antsy if she’s not learning something new. She launched Audiotocracy just over a year ago, and is the foundation of this very podcast. Holli and Casey worked with her and her team to start it. A full podcast production business, she offers an array of support for anyone looking to start.

A family lineage that includes many generations of teachers and having a family culture of higher education, Shannon is a natural teacher as well. In this special episode, they explore the experience, and lessons along the way. For anyone curious about how much work and fun starting a podcast can be, this is a must listen episode!

To learn more about Podcasting and to schedule your free consultation, visit: https://audiotocracy.com/

Discover Shannon’s creative podcast, Oz-9 visit:

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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/Audiotocracy/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Audiotocracy

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