Episode 7: Creating A Good Place To Work

Josh Huisenga, founder of Chalkbox Creative

Episode 7: Creating A Good Place To Work Career Spotlight

Josh Huisenga has been drawing for longer than he can remember. His path to founding Chalkbox Creative wasn’t a linear path, but rather a series of life lessons. He shares his journey from starting out as a Chemical Engineering Major at Montana State University to Art and Design. 

That big shift in college found him aligning with his talent that flows naturally. From a kid with sketch books to experience in a print shop, his background provided a foundation to start his own business.

His openness to learn and explore other possibilities helped him build a business beyond paycheck to paycheck. The business is an extension of his creative problem solving –  his vision is to cultivate a place for others to like where they work. Today, Chalkbox Creative designs brands, websites, and print for good people doing good work.

Explore Chalkbox Creative online:


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