Episode 5: The Artist Becomes Data Asset Manager

Lupe Carlos III, Artist and Data Asset Manager

Episode 5: The Artist Becomes Data Asset Manager Career Spotlight

Lupe Carlos III began his artist career at a very young age, bringing light to a community that needed something to celebrate and lift up. 

But his early success as an artist was dramatically shattered when a sudden health crisis meant he could no longer paint. He pivoted and found motivation as a new father, eventually finding his path into a career as a Data Asset Manager. He also pivoted as an artist, finding inspiration and creative outlet through the medium of photography.

With humor and honesty, Lupe Carlos III shares his journey. His insights and life experience brought many laughs and moments to be inspired during this episode.

One thing Lupe made clear to us: once an artist, always an artist, and if life closes one path, there’s always another.

Lupe Carlos III Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crowspeak_art_photo/

Lupe Carlos III, “Shelter In Place “ – online exhibit: https://crowspeakdesign.com/exhibit

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