Episode 4: From Fueling to Healing

Podcast graphic for episode 4 includes a black and white photo of Grief and Life Coach, Wendy Sloneker with episode text, Career Spotlight Podcast
Wendy Sloneker, Podcaster + Life & Grief Recovery Specialist

Episode 4: From Fueling to Healing Career Spotlight

Wendy Sloneker doesn’t know how many career pivots she’s made, but it’s dozens. From her first job fueling planes to establishing herself in the arts, she’s navigated countless successes and faceplants while imagining and re-imagining her work and herself. 

At age 39, Wendy made an important realization: she wanted to be her own boss. And after a frightening personal experience, she knew she wanted to work with people going through grief. Today, Wendy is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist® & Coach, and host of the Heart Healing from Loss podcast.

In this episode, we go deep. We open up about topics like loss, heartbreak, addiction, and shame. Through it all, Wendy exudes incredible warmth, generosity, and compassion.

For more of Wendy’s tools for healing from loss, be sure to check out Heart Healing from Loss, wherever you get your podcasts.

To learn more about Wendy, and to schedule a session with her, visit www.hearthealingfromloss.com. And find her on instagram @wendy.sloneker 

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